Salkantay Trek Peru Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek Peru Machu Picchu is located close to Cusco city and ends at Aguas Calientes town, so Peru Machu Picchu Salkantay Trail goes through the Andes mountains, then the valley of Machupicchu Inca site, also hiking Salkantay is for a couple of days through the bottom os snow-capped mountains and finishing at the beginning … Continue reading Salkantay Trek Peru Machu Picchu

Lares Trek Peru

Lares Trek Peru is a couple of days hike, and the beginning of the road is from the sacred valley of the Incas. So this Lares Adventure in Peru is quite famous for the mountain lovers with connection to Machupicchu Inca site and recommended trekking in an organized group since this hike is through the … Continue reading Lares Trek Peru

Choquequirao Trekking Cusco Peru 4 Days

Enjoy this adventure with us, Choquequirao Trekking Cusco Peru 4 days with everything Included. Firstly, Choquequirao Tours is organized for days of trekking, from Cusco city, moreover, we are happy to organize treks in a private way plus at your own pace and provide you Peruvian organic food, prepared by our professional chef. Also, you … Continue reading Choquequirao Trekking Cusco Peru 4 Days

Q’ueswachaka Tour Peru

Qeswachaka Tour is famous as a day tour Q’ueswachaka tour Peru, being one of the amazing handwoven bridge, so this Q eswachaka bridge is inherited from the Inca time, and was as an official connection through the Inca regions, and placed over the rivers. This bridge is handmade with a type of high land grass … Continue reading Q’ueswachaka Tour Peru