Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru

We are a tourist transport company with plan Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru, and we do transport By  Bus Cusco Ollantaytambo, so transport tourists in Cusco Peru, we need special permission and pay the Peruvian tax.

Also in Cusco Peru, there are many companies, providing tourist transport services with all the brand marks of vans and buses,  such as  Mercedes Benz, Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, so we have enough transport for everybody.

Moreover, you can book online the 24 hours, the type of van or bus you want to have for your tours, also during the ride, we stop at the important viewpoints, in other to take some nice picture, and the most important our transport is equipped with some first aid kit, mainly the oxygen tank for altitude sickness and emergencies cases.

Also, riding these vans, you get the chance to hire a professional tour guide for the tourist attractions sites at the Cusco region, or the other plan is just to have the tour guide as your driver for the following days of your day tours at Cusco Peru.

How Safe Is Riding Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru?

Van transport Cusco Peru, for the sacred valley of the Incas

It is safe, as long as if you rent from the traveling serious companies since we have permission to transport tourists throughout Peru, so in this way, our work is with great responsibility and punctuality with a personal touch.

What Happens If I Get Altitude Sickness During The Van Ride Peru?

Type of van for tourist transport in Cusco Peru

In this case, mainly our drivers and tour guides know how to give you some oxygen since our staff has some training in the first aid kit. Also one of the medicine as a pill is the Diamox and in Spanish is named (acetazolamide).

The recommendation, about taking this pill is every 12 hours, then also drinking plenty of water, also make sure if you are not allergic to this pill Diamox.

The Vans And Buses Have Seat Belts In Peru

These are the bus seats for tourist transport in Cusco Peru 

The rules in Cusco Peru to provide tourist service transport is needing seat belts from the factory and new cars, and moreover, the permission is given from the transport ministry, and last only for 10 years, afterward change for a new car for another 10 years for tourist service transport.

These are the rules in Peru country for official tourist transport.

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