Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado

Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado is one of the 24th departments of  Peru country, also known as a Madre de Dios, and situated at 183 masl (600ft). Puerto Maldonado is famous for the jungle safe lodges, and tours with watching some wildlife.

Moreover, Puerto Maldonado Jungle is the amazon low jungle with some national parks, where to see the wildlife jungle in a safe way with staying at the nice safe lodges,  with daily departures tours, where includes, transport with motorboats, professional tour guides, wildlife watching, hiking, canopy, kayaking, paddling wooding boats, swimming.

Also, jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado is famous for some national parks, such as Sandoval lake, the monkey island, where you see mainly all the species of the wildlife of the Amazon jungle in Peru.

Taking a jungle tour in Peru for the Puerto Maldonado is any time, no needing bookings in advance, you just let us know your plan trip, then we are ready to go.

How To Arrive At Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado?

There are two ways to arrive in the Amazon jungle since Cusco city.

  • The flight takes  around an hour, since Cusco city to Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios
  • By car is around 8 hours, and the distance is 618 kilometers (384 miles) since Cusco city

What Is The Weather In The Peru Jungle?

The jungle weather is defined in 2 seasons.

  • The rainy season is from September to April
  • The dry season is from May to  August

Note: The temperature  of the Peru Amazon jungle is since 27 degrees Celcius up to 38 degrees Celcius

When Is The Best Time To Go For Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado?

Mainly is the dry season, from May to August, since you get more chances to see the wildlife.

Puerto Maldonado Amazon

This is one of the Amazon jungle places in Peru, and we have two ways to arrive. The first way is by private car, since Cusco city for 8 hours, riding the car through the brown Andes and see plenty of llamas and alpacas, along the route then some snow-capped mountains.

Also, in this drive, we see some living culture people then the arriving to the beginning of the amazon jungle is amazing since you see how starts the jungle with some waterfalls, then crossing many bridges and finally at the end, we just ride the car through the flat jungle for couple hours until Puerto Maldonado city.

The second way is by flight from Cusco city to Puerto Maldonado, which takes 54 minutes, then from the airport, you need some transport to the port of the Madre Dios river to be transported to the jungle lodge by motor-boat, which takes around 35 minutes.

In conclusion, the Amazon jungle Puerto Maldonado is famous for some national parks, such as Sandoval lake, the monkey island, where we see some species of amazon jungle wildlife.

Also, we navigate to the famous biggest river named Madre de Dios, which has 500 meters wide, and along this river, there are lodges with some activities, like canopy, ziplining, and kayaking.

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