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This Humantay Lake Tour is one of the famous day tours at Cusco city Peru and organized in two ways from Cusco city for Humantay Lake Day Trip, the first plan is in a shared group with everything included, such as breakfast, lunch, and the entrance fees, a professional tour guide, then some oxygen tank for altitude sickness.

The second plan is in a private way, so you hike at your own pace with everything included, also in this private plan tour, you stay more at the lake with the explanation and some extra hike around this magic lake, then back to the bus terminal, afterward back to Cusco city with dropping you off at your place.

Also, you get the chance to hire a horse for the uphill part, so you do not miss this day hike to this beautiful lake, surrounded by the snow-capped mountain of Humantay and Salkantay.

Altitude Of Humantay Lake

Humantay Lake situated close to Cusco city in Peru country 

This magic lake is located at 4,200 masl ( 13,779 feet ). Also is located close to Cusco city in Peru country on the route Salkantay trekking to Machu Picchu in the brown Andes mountains, and surrounded by two snow-capped mountains named Humantay and Salkantay.

Moreover, the itinerary is living from Cusco city, as a full-day tour, starting with picking you up at your place by 5:30 am then we ride our transport for 3 hours and 30 minutes, until the beginning of the trail, then we hike uphill for 2 hours, starting with gentle part for 15 minutes then is just uphill, until the lake.

Then, you enjoy the views and have some little hike around the lake at your own pace with explanation about the mystery of the lake from your tour guide, afterward the way back, downhill with some little gentle part at the end of the hike to the bus terminal for an hour and 35 minutes, then transport back to Cusco city, for 3 hours and a half.

How Long Is Humantay Lake Hike?

      Hiking trail to Humantay Lake 

Mainly the hike is uphill, then the way back is downhill, also the hike depends on your physical conditions, so that means if you are fit and if you are used to hiking in the mountains, the Humantay lake hike uphill can be an hour 20 minutes, but if you are not used to hiking in the mountains, and also have physical problems, the hike will take you around  2 hours and 30 minutes, arriving at the lake.

Moreover, the hike in the local pace is an hour uphill then the way back downhill is 30 minutes.

Note: Importantly,  the hike to Humantay lake has to be at your own pace since is a high altitude, also is very important to have some oxygen tank for altitude sickness, in case you can need it.

Humantay Lake History

Mainly this lake has been famous for a long time, so in the Inca time, this lake has been considered as an energetic place, mainly all the snow-mountains are considered, places with good energy since the clean water represent the symbol of good health, so in this way when people dream some dirty water, means getting sick or is coming the difficult time for the health.

In this way, the people nowadays still understand how important is to worship the snow-capped mountains, in other to gain good energy to cure people, so before asking for this good energy of the mountains, the shamans prepare some ceremony, then offering some offerings such as coca leaves, drinks, fruits. Then they ask for this water, which has a good energy to cure patients, who come for help through the shamans and healers.

In conclusion, the clean water with the snow-capped mountains are the symbol of good health, that is the way people who go to this place ask for good health and also to be cured of any health problems, and also they pray for the good health of their families, and in gratitude for that, they pile stones like a little tower called Apachetas, where they leave some offerings, like coca leaves.

Therefore in the time of the Incas, there were pilgrims, called Ukukos who carried offerings already blessed by shamans, from different Inca towns, praying to this Humantay Lake mountain for the good health of the Inca citizens.

Day Trip To Humantay Lake

This day tour to Humantay lake is well recommended, from any places you are, such as Cusco city, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Yucay, Calca, Yanahuara.

Also, this day tour is recommended in a private way, with pick you up from any places you are at Cusco region, so you will have enough time to hike at your own pace the uphill part to the lake, then explore around the lake and time for the photos.

The other way to take this day tour to Humantay Lake is just paying the private transport for a round trip, from any places you are in the Cusco region in Peru country, moreover, you can get the optional English speaking driver for this day trip.

Bring For Humantay Lake  Day Tour Cusco Peru

You need to bring:

  • Some cash money in soles to pay the entrance fees, which is 10 soles per person, and some food, such as breakfast and lunch along the route
  • Bring some warm clothes, such as a jacket,  sweater, scarf, some gloves, and good hiking boots, then some hiking sticks.
  • Also, should be better to have some oxygen tank, for altitude sickness, since the lake is located along the brown Andes mountains with 4,200 masl (13,780ft), sometimes some hikers are affected by altitude sickness, having a super headache, or just feeling needing more oxygen.


                  Humantay lake with the small pile of stones

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