Taxi From Cusco Rainbow Mountain Puno

We are a tourist transport company in Cusco Peru, and we organize this plan trip, Transport From Cusco To Puno with the rainbow mountain included named Vinicunca along the route, which is a better trip from Cusco to Puno.

This day Transport Cusco Rainbow Mountain Puno is in a private way with any number of people with pick up at your place at Cusco city,  then firstly we ride our private transport through the valley of the Andes mountains, and see also along the route many llamas and alpacas animals.

Moreover, along the route we see the living culture people named the Quechuas and they are considered the Incas ancestor, also they use their traditional dressing made of alpaca wool, also we see their houses made of mudbrick with a thatched roof.

This is the map from Cusco to the rainbow mountain hike and then Puno city.

How Do I Get From Cusco To Puno?

There are two ways to arrive from Cusco to Puno, the first plan is by train but is very expensive and the plan is by taxi, minivan, buses.

Also, this route from Cusco to Puno has named the route of the sun, since there are many sites for visiting, like Pikillacta, Rumiqolqa, Raqchi, Sillustani.

The best way to go from Cusco to Puno is having this plan, Cusco Rainbow Mountain Puno Transport, so you enjoy much better your day trip and then arrive in Puno city by night, then the next day do your trips to the famous lake Titicaca.

Transport Itinerary From Cusco Plus Rainbow Mountain Then Puno City

The time to pick you is by 5:am then we drive our private transport for 2 hours until the breakfast place, then we ride for 35 minutes more to the beginning of the trail for the famous rainbow mountain named Vinicuna.

Then, we hike uphill with some gentle part, for 2 hours and 15 minutes until the official viewpoint, where you enjoy the traditional views of the rainbow mountain and red valley, the snow-capped mountain of Ausnagate.

Afterward, the way back is downhill with some gentle part for an hour and  45 minutes, then we ride our transport for 35 minutes, arriving at the lunch place, then we are ready to drive to Puno city.

Mainly from this lunch place is about 5 hours to drive to Puno, through a paved truck, then dropping you off at your place at Puno city, which is famous for the lake Titicaca and Uros floating islands.

Ask And Book This Taxi Transport From Cusco Plus Rainbow Mountain To Puno City

You can let us know your plan trip and book this transport service from Cusco with hiking to this famous rainbow mountain named Vinicunca then ride you to Puno city.

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