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Taxi Cusco Peru is a safe riding, with plan Taxi to Maras & Moray From Cusco through a serious company, mainly Cusco is the city, where you need a taxi, for pick-ups, also to go for the following Inca sites, and some tourist attractions places. So Cusco is surrounded by many tourist attractions, such as City tour Cusco, where you can visit 4 Inca sites, then sacred valley, Maras Moray salt mine, Humantay lake, Vinicunca rainbow mountain, Palccoyo rainbow mountain, Q’ueswachaka Inca bridge.

Therefore, one of the main activities in Cusco Peru is taking Taxis Moray, since this place is famous for the Inca site and salt mine, located along the way to the sacred valley of the Incas, then you can connect to Ollantaytambo Inca site, then to Machu Picchu.

So, to go to these following tourist attractions places is better by private taxi and have some oxygen tank, since some of these places are located at high altitudes, like Humantay lake, Palccoyo rainbow mountain, Vinicunca rainbow mountain, Chincheros Inca site, Pisaq Inca site, and Queswachaka Inca bridge, so if you are coming from the low altitude to Cusco Peru, a least you need to acclimatize your body for 2 days at Cusco city, before riding a taxi to high altitude places.

Riding taxis in Cusco Peru is mainly, all the trademarks and also vans, also the transport companies are online the 24 hours to book the taxi to any places, you want to go, so in this way.

So, you can book with us, Taxi Service In Cusco Peru, any time you are ready for the following tourist attraction places, at Cusco region.

How Safe Is Riding  In Cusco Peru a Taxi?

                  Private taxi on the way to the salt mine Maras Moray Cusco-Peru

It is safe, mainly through travel agencies since they have permission to transport tourists in a safe way because in Peru country to provide safe transport, the companies need to do a lot of paperwork, and pay also the tax.

Also, the price is fair through the companies, but some people think is better to ride taxis, from the outside airport and also taxi from the street for any tourist attraction, thinking, this is the way to save some money, but at the end is about the same price.

Moreover, if you ride a taxi through companies, you get the option to get back, thinks forgotten in the taxi. Most importantly, you get some help with oxygen for altitude sickness.

Therefore, riding taxis through companies is safe and recommended, mainly if you are in foreign countries.

But, most people say ask to your hotel or where you stay to have some recommended taxi service, so mainly here i say the hotels now some taxi service, and they work with the commission, that is the way is better to take the taxi service from the official taxi service companies through the internet, where you read some good comments about that taxi services, at Cusco Peru.

What Is The Advantage Of Taking In Cusco Peru A Taxi  Instead Of Local Transport?

The advantage with a private taxi, you save a lot of time to arrive at any places you want in Cusco Peru, mainly for tourist attraction sites, also we need to know, the local transport does not arrive at the Inca sites, so that means, still you need to take some taxi to arrive into the Inca sites, and the cost is way expensive.

In conclusion, it is recommended to ride a taxi from the beginning to the end, so, you will save more money and time.

Can I Have Clean Taxi With Oxygen Tank For All My Following Tours?

Yes, also you can get a discount, if you take a taxi for more than 2 days, for any tourists attractive places in Cusco Peru, moreover, you get some oxygen tank for altitude sickness with English speaking optional driver.

Also, you can hire a professional tour guide with a taxi, in other to have some comfortable tours throughout Cusco city Peru, for the most popular tourists attraction places, such as Palcoyo rainbow mountain, Vinicunca rainbow mountain, Humantay lake, Salt mine Maras Moray, Urubamba sacred valley of the Incas, Queswachaka Inca bridge with connection to the famous Inca site named Raqchi.

Can I Pay Taxi Service In Dollars In Peru?

Yes, you can pay in dollars, also at the end of the service. Also in Peru, our economy is in soles and dollars.

Note: If you go to some Inca sites, riding a private taxi, you need to bring some money in soles to pay the entrance fees.

Private Driver Sacred Valley

Having a private driver for the Sacred Valley Of The Incas in Cusco Peru is the better option and safe, mainly the driver can be requested in any languages you want and to the places you want to go for some tours in the Cusco region.

Also, you need safe transport at Cusco to go to the important tourist attraction places and then an oxygen tank to get some help if you get some altitude sickness since some tourist attractions places are located at high altitudes, such as Vinicunca rainbow mountain, Palccoyo rainbow mountain, Humantay lake, Maras Moray salt mine, Queswachaka Inca bridge, 7 lagoons Ausangate.

In conclusion, the private drivers in Cusco Peru, a least need to know about the first aid kit, in other to have safe trips, that is the way, in our company Chacras Travel Peru, we have all our staff with some training, in the first aid kit.

Taxi service from Cusco city to rainbow mountain Vinicunca 

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