San Pedro Drink Peru

We are a Peru tour company and we do San Pedro Ceremonies at Cusco region in the heart of the famous sacred valley of the Incas, so this San Pedro Drink Peru Ceremony is with a local Shaman, mainly named Wachumer, and he lives in Yanahuara village, close to the Inca sacred places.

We do this ceremony in a safe way, during the day and also during the night in the mountains close to the Inca sites, also in the sacred place of the Inca time, named Ñaupa Iglesia.

So, you just let us know you schedule time for this San Pedro drink with Inca time ceremony with everything included in a safe way, plus in your own language.

Moreover,  you can read some reviews from this mystical activity with San Pedro drink on the Trip Advisor company, which is from our real clients.

The Shaman at the Inca sacred place named Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Peru

San Pedro Cactus Drink Peru

This cactus drink is named San Pedro or Wachuma in Cusco Peru country and was used since the Inca time as traditional veterinary medicine and also this drink is used as a natural antibiotic.

Also, this drink has some mescaline whose consumption causes changes in perception, especially the vision of energy colors and encounters with the sacred deities of the earth planet.

These magic cactus grow at the sacred places of the Andes mountains, and it has been used for healing and mystical religious divination in the Andes mountains region for over 3,000 years.

San Pedro Cactus Drink Effects In The Real Ceremony In Peru

The mescaline of the San Pedro cactus drink lasts for 10 to 12 hours, but during the local ceremony with the shaman the energy of the cactus mescaline lasts for 7 hours, then starts coming down, then just mild for few hours.

Anyway, this drink is mild, it is not like Ayahuasca, so this drink is recommended for any age, with the Inca time ceremony, so you feel the mother nature energy and the gatekeepers from the sacred places.

Itinerary For The San Pedro Drink In Peru

We do this drink into two schedules, during the day and at the night, so during the day the ceremony is without a campfire, and during the night is with a campfire.

So, you just let’s know the right schedule you want to do this mystical ceremony, then we will be happy to organize this ceremony with San Pedro drink for you.

Price For San Pedro Drink  With Ceremony In Cusco Peru

For pricing just let us know to our Gmail and WhatsApp, then we are happy to give out promotional prices for this ceremony with San Pedro drink plus Inca ceremony.

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