Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru

This Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru is one of the magic ceremonial centers, from the Inca time, located in a nice canyon, along the sacred valley of the Incas, on the way to Machupicchu Inca site and situated at 2,950 masl (9,678ft).

The function of Ñaupa Iglesia was to performed ceremony rites, in the Inca time, in gratitude to the to mather earth, since the Incas believed in the good energy of the earth planet to obtain good health and good crops, even to avoid future pest problems and new diseases, that could whip the Inca empire.

So, the Incas to perform these ceremonies rites, used peaceful places, for a connection, between the humans and the energy of the mother earth, so in this site, you feel great spiritual energy.

Moreover, this is the energetic place, if you want to feel some mystical feeling with mother earth at Cusco Peru since this site was the holy ceremonial center for the Incas masters, during the time of the correct alignment of the constellations

How To Get To Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru?

                     The ceremonial Inca site, named Ñaupa Iglesia


From Cusco city, you can arrive  in an hour with 20 minutes, through Huarcondo village to this magic place, and you can park your car aside of the main trail to Ollantaytambo, afterward, you hike for 20 minutes uphill, into this Inca site

Mainly, the hike starts with gentle part road aside of the train rail, then uphill through the stone garden terraces, and you find some Inca walls and Ñapua Iglesia is the cave with closed window carved, and also you see some steps carved at the rock with some space to seat.

How Safe Is To Visit Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru?

Mainly during the day is recommended to visit this site, since this place is isolated, also during the night, it can be safe, if you go in a group, more than 10 people.

At night, there are ceremony rites in this site, guided by the local shaman, already organized in a private group

This Place Is Worth Visiting As A Day Tour?

                           The famous  Ñaupa Iglesia, located in Cusco Peru


Yes, it is worth visiting this magic Inca site, Ñaupa Iglesia, and you can have some hikes and some meditations in this place, then you can hike to the waterfall named, Perolnicyoc, which takes 5 hours, round trip.

Also, it will be useful, if you visit this Inca site with a professional tour guide, in other to have some magic information about this place.

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