Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru

This Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru is through the Andes mountains, at the famous alternative Salkantay trekking to Machupicchu. Mainly this horseback riding is in other to find this hard trek easier, the uphill trail, which takes 4 hours to the first Salkantay pass, located at 4,600 masl (1,509ft).

Riding horses through this Salkantay trek in Cusco Peru on the way to Machupicchu is starting from the brown Andes, and the place called Soraypamapa, located  3600 masl ( 11,811ft) then, end up at the beginning of the Amazon jungle at the village named, Qolpapama situated at 2,800 masl (9,186ft)

Also, the type of horses we use for riding through this magic trek, are the Andian, horses, which means, they are used to high altitude, and they are smaller than the horse’s de Paso. Moreover, these horses have properly saddles, in other to have comfortable riding.

This Horseback Riding Salkantay is the easy way you can finish this mountain hike, and arrive at Machupicchu without much effort.

Can I Ride The Horses, All The Way To Machu Picchu?

Mainly we ride the horses for 2 days, and day 3 is not accessible for horses, neither day 4 too.

Also, along the horseback riding time, we get off from the horses, since some part of the road is steep downhills, and also some part of the trail can be cliffsides.

Can I Get Someone, who Can Stay With Me During The Horseback Riding?

Day one, horseback riding Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu

If you book this type of adventure, horseback riding through Salkantay to Machupicchu, with a traveling company, for sure, someone there will be with you, all the time, when you ride the horse, from the beginning to the end.

Mainly in this horseback adventure Salkantay to have safe riding trip, there will be a horseman with you all the time, and plus the mountain tour guide who carries the oxygen tank to help you, in case you can get the altitude sickness problems.

What Is The Highest Altitude During The Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru?

Horseback riding on the way to Salkantay pass situated at 4600 masl (15,091ft)

The highest we arrive during the horseback riding, along the Salkantay trek is 4,600 masl (1,509ft). This is the only highest pass along the Salkantay trekking

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