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City Tour Cusco Peru with a plan Tour Of Cusco, is one of the most important states in Peru country since Cusco once was the Inca’s capital, so that means, nowadays Cusco is very famous for the archeology and main attraction for national and international tourism.

Therefore, Cusco has various colonial churches, with baroque and neoclassical styles and two main plazas surrounded by Inca palaces, supporting the Colonial buildings, also there are many archaeological and historical active museums with some Inca sites.

Moreover, Cusco city has been declared, as a national historic monument in 1972, also, as a World Heritage Site in 1983 by Unesco.

The most important places to visit at Cusco city are the temple of the sun, which is now a museum, where you see some Inca time stone rooms and some Colonial time paintings, and afterward, we go out of Cusco city and visit the 4 Inca sites, such as Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay.

Cusco city photo in Peru country

City Tour Cusco Is Organized In Two Schedules

  • In the morning is from 7:am to 12:pm
  • In the afternoon is from 1:pm to 6:00 pm

What Is The Altitude Of City Tour Cusco Peru?

Cusco is located in a nice valley of the brown Andes mountain range, with typical cold temperature, all year round  of 15 degrees celsius, and situated  at 3,300 masl (10,826ft)

How Big Is Cusco City  And The Weather?

The city of Cusco is 385,1 km, and the type of weather is with two seasons, like this.

  • The dry season is from May to October
  • The rainy season is from November to April

Is City Tour Cusco Peru Worth Visiting?

Cusco is well-worth visiting, for the largest tourist attraction, Such as the city tour with 4 Inca sites, Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay, then the temple of the sun, the Cathedral Church of Cusco, which has its art bathed in gold leaf.

Also, most of the tours start from Cusco city, for the sacred valley, Maras salt mine with Moray, and all the famous trekking trails.

Note: Cusco is one of the best places to acclimatize the body for high altitude, for the trekkings that go to Machu Picchu.

Sacsayhuaman Ruins

This is one of the biggest Inca time fortresses, located above Cusco city in Peru country, and made with big lime carved rocks and small ones, also this site has the viewpoint to the entire Cusco city and mountains, then also to the statue of the white Crist.

Also, this site function in the Inca time was used to refuges the Inca people from Cusco city during the war times, that is the way the urban sector of this fortress is located on the top of the mountain, surrounded by 3 long huge walls, mainly the walls used to be 20 meters high, and these huge stone walls have the zig-zag shape, which is a type of pillars to be earthquake-proof.

Moreover, this Inca fortress Sacsayhuaman has a large plaza surrounded by beautiful terraces, where the Incas used to be celebrated the sun festival, during the dry season.

 Saqsayhuaman Inca Site, Located at Cusco Peru

Is It Safe To Walk In Cusco City At Night?

Firstly Cusco is divided, into two areas, like the historical site and the modern side.
  • The historical side is safe the 24 hours, for tourists
  • The modern side is mainly for the local Cusco people, no for tourists, but during the day, some places on the modern side of Cusco are safe for tourists, like Wanchaq, San Sebastian, San Jeronimo.

Note: If you take a taxi out of the historical site, it is better to ride from a safe company, such as Chacras Travel Peru, and South America Private Peru Tours. We offer taxi and van service, throughout Peru in the safest way.

Cusco City Walking Tour

Cusco city is famous for the Inca sites and day tours and located in a nice valley of the brown Andes mountains with an altitude of 3,300 masl ( 10,826ft ), also surrounded by some beautiful Inca sites, such as Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay, Pucapaura, then the temple of the moon.

Moreover, the Cusco city has a Colonial area, once was the capital of the Inca empire, full of palaces made of nice carved stones with two plazas, named Huacca Pata and Cusipata, but nowadays these plazas are full of Colonial places made on the top of the Inca walls from the Spanish time in Cusco Peru.

Cusco city now has around 11 Colonial churches, and one of the important church for visiting is the cathedral church of Cusco, then the temple of the sun, named the Koricancha temple, also you can have look for the famous twelve-sided stone street, located close to the Plaza de Armas Cusco.

In conclusion, Cusco has many historical museums and beautiful Inca stone streets to have some walking tour, and also you can have a look for the San Pedro local market, which is 10 minutes walking from the Plaza de Armas Cusco.

Qenqo Inca site 

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