Ausangate Trek Plus Camping

This is the famous Ausangate Trek plus camping, located in the Cusco region in Peru country, So this Ausangate Treks in a couple of days of adventure hike with camping and experienced tour guide.

Also, this Ausangate snow-capped mountain is observed, when you do the famous day hike to the rainbow mountain named Vinicunca, and moreover is worshipped as the gatekeeper of the water by local people, named Quechuas.

The top of this snow-capped mountain Ausangate is located at 6,385 masl (20,944 ft).

Moreover, the bottom of this Ausangate mountain is famous for trekking for days, and also for the day hike to the 7 lagoons, then also the hike for 2 days with the connection with rainbow mountain Vinicunca.

Ausangate snow-capped mountain at Cusco region in Peru

Ausangate Trek Peru

This trek is the most beautiful adventure trekking for a couple of days through the Andes mountains with camping and having Peruvian food, along the route, cooked by our professional chef.

Also, you will be guided by an expert local tour guide from the beginning to the end, and moreover, you will get some help with altitude problems, if you will get it, for this case the tour guide will carry an oxygen tank and some little medical kit.

Mainly this trek is 4 days and the advantage of this trekking is the horses carry all the equipment from the beginning to the end, so you will carry just your light daypack every day.

Ausangate Climb

Ausangate mountain peak is the 5th highest snow-capped mountain in Cusco Peru, being at 6,384 masl (20,944 ft). Nowadays is not allowed climb to this snow-capped mountain.
During the hiking time at Ausangate mountains, you do not arrive at this high of 6,384 masl, so hiking for days, you arrive at some passes located at 4,600 masl ( 15,091ft )

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Ausangate Trek Mountain 5 Days 4 Nights




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