Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru

This Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru has to be through traveling companies, since for Bus Cusco Ollantaytambo to transport tourists we need special permission and pay the Peruvian tax. Also in Cusco Peru, there are many companies, providing the tourist transport service with all the brand marks of vans and buses,  such as  Mercedes … Continue reading Van Plus Bus Transport Cusco Peru

Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru

This Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru is through the Andes mountains, at the famous alternative Salkantay trekking to Machupicchu. Mainly this horseback riding is in other to find this hard trek easier, the uphill trail, which takes 4 hours to the first Salkantay pass, located at 4,600 masl (1,509ft). Riding horses through this Salkantay trek in … Continue reading Horseback Riding Salkantay Peru

Taxi Cusco Peru

Taxi Cusco Peru is safe riding, with plan Taxi to Maras & Moray From Cusco through a serious company, mainly Cusco is the city, where you need a taxi, for pick-ups, also to go for the following Inca sites and some tourist attractions places. So Cusco is surrounded by many tourist attractions, such as City … Continue reading Taxi Cusco Peru

Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado

Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado is one of the 24th department of  Peru country, also known as a Madre de Dios, and situated at 183 masl (600ft). Puerto Maldonado is famous for the jungle safe lodges and tours with watching some wildlife. Moreover, Puerto Maldonado Jungle is the amazon low jungle with some national parks, where … Continue reading Jungle Peru Puerto Maldonado

Puno Peru Tours

Puno Peru tours is very famous for Puno Tours Lake Titicaca, which is one of the largest lake, in South America, situated at 3,900 masl (12,795 ft) and located along the altiplano and border to Bolivia country, and it has an area of ​​8,300 km², also its greatest depth is 283 meters deep. Moreover,  this … Continue reading Puno Peru Tours

Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru

This Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru is one of the magic ceremonial centers, from the Inca time, located in a nice canyon, along the sacred valley of the Incas, on the way to Machupicchu Inca site and situated at 2,950 masl (9,678ft). The function of Ñaupa Iglesia was to performed ceremonies rites, in the Inca … Continue reading Ñaupa Iglesia Cusco Tour Peru

Maras Moray Tour Peru

Maras Moray Tour Peru, are the famous places for tourists with plan Moray Cusco and located  41 kilometers (25 miles) north of Cusco city and close to the sacred valley of the Incas, on the way to Machupicchu city. Maras is a small Colonial town, full of mudbrick houses from the farmers, and some Colonial … Continue reading Maras Moray Tour Peru

Puma Marka Inca Site In Peru

Puma Marka Inca Site in Peru is an Inca site, built at the slope part of Andes mountain, located at Ollantaytambo province, and department of Cusco in Peru country and attractive for tourists, since the site has the urban sector and the agriculture sector with some farmer houses. Mainly the agriculture terraces are massive, where … Continue reading Puma Marka Inca Site In Peru

City Tour Cusco Peru

City Tour Cusco Peru with a plan Tour Of Cusco, is one of the most important states in Peru country since Cusco once was the Inca’s capital, so that means, nowadays Cusco is very famous for the archeology and main attraction for national and international tourism. Therefore, Cusco has various colonial churches, with baroque and … Continue reading City Tour Cusco Peru