Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Peru

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Peru is one of the magical places for tourists, at Cusco region, also this Vinicunca Mountains is called the 7 colors and situated at 5,200 masl (17,060ft) and located in the Andes mountains of Peru country, close to Cusco city, Quispicanchis province in the district of Cusipata.

Therefore, this day trek is attracted by its series of colorful stripes, which is a mineral composition present on the slopes and peaks, such as tin and copper, then pink and fuchsia mixture of red clay, also mudslides of white sandstone quartz with limestone, then calcium carbonate with red clay.

This day tour Rainbow Mountain named Vinicunca, it is the second most visited place after Machupicchu, so do not miss this day hike place at the Cusco region in Peru country .

Get the chance to go for the rainbow mountain day tour in a shared group or in a private group

Map rainbow mountain Cusco Peru 

Rainbow Mountain Peru

This mountain is unique with the mystical feelings, and where you find happiness and bright colors in every corner of the rainbow mountain, named Vinicunca and located in the Andes mountains.

Moreover, you get the chance to hike through the beautiful red valley with the connection to the bus terminal, so this hiking takes 2 hours and you feel like walking on the planet Mars.

So, come with us to these beautiful mountains and enjoy your day trip by visiting the rainbow mountain, and then the red valley with everything included, like, a tour guide with an oxygen tank, food, private transport.

Most importantly, for this day trip, we adapt our price tour to your travel budget.

Vinicunca  Mountain Weather?

The weather is unpredictable in the brown Andes mountains, where is located the famous rainbow mountain day hike, a least we have the two-season well defined, dry and wet season.

Mainly the dry season is starting from May to October the rainy season from November to April.

Note: Mainly at the summit viewpoint is cold during both seasons, so we recommend you to bring some warm clothes with good gloves, and some hiking stick, so you have a comfortable journey.

The Ausangate snow-capped mountain view from the rainbow mountain

Vinicunca Peru Tour

This is one of the amazing day hikes to the most beautiful rainbow mountain, named Vinicunca located in the Cusco region in Peru country, mainly the tour starts with picking you up from Cusco city by 5:30 am then ride the transport for 2 hours and 45 minutes until the beginning of the trail, riding through some nice valleys of corn farming then potatoes farming.

This day hike takes 2 hours and 20 minutes uphill with some gentle part until the official viewpoint, and after enjoying the views and photos, the way back is downhill for an hour with 35 minutes with some gentle part to the bus place, and afterward by car to Cusco city is 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The most important in this day hike to Peru colored mountain, named Vinicunca, you can ride a horse for the uphill part of the entire trail, and then the way back mainly is downhill, so with this option, it is easy to arrive at the official viewpoint of this rainbow mountain in Peru country, located in the brown Andes mountains.

The viewpoint of the rainbow mountain named Vinicunca

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Altitude Sickness?

Since this mountain is located in the Andes mountains with an altitude of 5,200 masl (17,060ft), so altitude sickness is one of the main problems, in this way we recommend you to have some acclimatization, in Cusco city a least one day, afterward, you will be ready for this hike.

Firstly, you start the hike from 4,150 masl (13,615 ft) then you climb during the hike around 1,050 meters, but in case you get altitude sickness, the tour guides bring always some oxygen tank, then you will be fine with this hike.

In conclusion, to have this day trek, we recommend you to hike with a tour company, since you have everything included from the beginning to the end, for a fair price.

Bring For Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

You need to pack the following things:

  • Have some good hiking shoes and extra sneaker shoes, in case your shoes can get wet if it is the rainy season
  • Bring a pair of socks, 2 trousers if it is the rainy season with warm clothing, a rain jacket with a rain poncho and good gloves
  • Also, bring sunscreen, a sunhat
  • Some drinking water, but along the trail there are local shops to buy some sealed  water and snacks
  • Have some cash money in soles, if you will like to rent a horse or buy some handmade gifts.

Note: Renting horses are recommended for the rainbow mountain Vinicunca and the cost is, in soles and cash payment is needed.

  • One way ride is 75 soles, for 45 minutes
  • The round trip, horse ride is 105 soles

How Long Is Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Peru?

 Vinicunca rainbow mountain trail in Peru 

The hiking trail is one way, 2 hours and 45 minutes and 7 kilometers (4 miles), and the round trip is 13 kilometers (8 miles)

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