Salkantay Trek Peru Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek Peru Machu Picchu is located close to Cusco city and ends at Aguas Calientes town, so Peru Machu Picchu Salkantay Trail goes through the Andes mountains, then the valley of Machupicchu Inca site, also hiking Salkantay is for a couple of days through the bottom of snow-capped mountains and finishing at the beginning of the amazon jungle.

This Salkantay hike is more recommended than the traditional Inca trail to Machupicchu since on this hike you see some beautiful lagoons, named Humantay and Salkantay lake, with the snow-capped mountains.

Moreover, you hike through the beginning of the Amazon jungle for 2 days and observe some tropical fruit trees, coffee farming fields.

The Salkantay hike was an original trail from the Inca time, in other to transport tropical crops, such as coca leaves to Cusco city from Machupicchu, that is the way the National Geographic  Adventure Travel Magazine recognized the trail, as one of the 25 best treks in the world.

Hiking Salkantay is having different itineraries and the easy way to finish this trip with ending at Machupicchu Inca site, without coming back to Cusco, it is like this

  • 3 days plus Machupicchu
  • 4 days plus Machupicchu
  • 5 days plus Machupicchu
  • 6 days plus Machupicchu

Note: Also, the easy way to finish the Salkantay trek is riding a horse to the difficult part of the trail, which is the uphill trail to the Salkantay Pass, and afterward is just easy, so you can finish your trek to Machupicchu

Salkantay Trek

Salkantay trekking for days is the easiest way to arrive at Machu Picchu without booking in advance, since no limit number of people, moreover, you ride the optional horse for the difficult part of the entire trail, and so you can finish this Salkantay trek, which is a better option than the traditional Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Moreover, this Salkantay trek gives you the chance to give some good campsites along the route with some good basic facilities, such as a good toilet, with some grassy field place to set up sleeping tents, then some option to have a hot shower, then and the most important ( wi-fi )  at each campsite.

Also, Salkantay trekking has days of hiking, like 3 days of hiking and car connection at the end of the trek, and then by train to Aguas Calientes town, then 4 days of hiking, then 5 days hiking the entire trek.

In conclusion, this adventure hike to Salkantay is for mountain lovers, and also has this great option of renting the horses for the hard part, so, you finish the trekking  with the less physical effort

This trek starts from the brown Andes mountains, then ends up at the beginning of the amazon jungle, where is located Machupicchu at 2,400 masl and (7,874 ft).

 How High Is Salkantay Trek In Peru

                 The second pass of Salkantay trekking 4600 masl (15,091 ft)

Salkantay Trekking has around 3 passes, with hiking through the brown Andes mountain range, with the beginning of the Amazon jungle, so here we have the passes listed.

  • First, pass to Humantay lake and situated at 4, 200 masl (13,779ft)
  • The second pass is the Salkantay, situated at 4600 masl (15,091ft)
  • The third pass is the Llactapata and situated at 2900 masl (9,514 ft)

Note: You start hiking the entire  Salkantay trek in Peru to Machupicchu, starting from  3600 masl (11,811 ft) and ending up at 2000 masl (6,561ft)

How Long Is Salkantay Trail To Machupicchu

The distance hike along the Salkantay is according to the days of the hike, you want your trip to Machupicchu.

  • 5 days  Salkantay Trek is 70 kilometers with 43 miles
  • 4 days Salkantay hike  is 48 kilometers and 30 miles
  • 3 days trekking Salkantay  are 35 kilometers and 21 miles

Is Salkantay Trek Worth It???

                                                   Day 2 hiking Salkantay 


Firstly, Salkantay is amazing to hike, since it has more stuff to see, than the traditional Inca Trail to Machupicchu, such as lagoons, snow-capped mountains. Moreover, the hike starts at the brown Andes mountains, then ending up at the beginning of the amazon jungle, where we get the chance of hiking through the nice tropical vegetation with some waterfalls.

Do I Need To Book Salkantay Trek In Advance

Yes, it is recommended that you book a trip for the Salkantay journey, on the other hand, to book your entrance fees to Machupicchu and the train tickets, as soon as you decide on this Salkantay trek to Machupicchu.

Note: The most important for the Salkantay hike, the number of people, is not limited since this trek has enough campsites.

More Info Itinerary Contact For Salkantay Trekking In Peru

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More info here Salkantay Hiking to Machupicchu.



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