Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Peru

This Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Peru is one of the magic place, close to Cusco city, so Palccoyo mountain is located in the brown Andes range mountain. Mainly from Cusco city is riding a car for 3 hours and a half, through nice farming valleys, also pass some remote villages surrounded by mega agricultural terraces.

Moreover, you see along the drive, plenty of llamas and alpacas animals,  then arrive at the beginning of this nice easy trek, then hike round trip for an hour 20 minutes and enjoy these 3 colored mountains, which contains some ocher with red colors, green, blue, then white stripes.

Also, this Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is located at 4900 masl (16,076ft).

Palccoyo rainbow mountain at Cusco Peru 

Palcoyo Peru

This rainbow mountain is recently found by the explorers, close to Cusco in Peru country, and now is dominated as the brother of the Vinicunca rainbow mountain, so this Palccoyo rainbow mountain has at 3 places some stripes of colorful sand, which looks beautiful rainbow mountains.

Also, this place is well recommended for the mountains lovers, moreover, along the route you appreciate, some nice farming valleys and rivers, then also close to the rainbow mountain Palcoyo, you see some beautiful small remote villages, where live the living culture people, mainly the houses are made with mud-brick and tiled roof, and some has thatched roof.

Moreover, along the route to the rainbow mountain Palccoyo, during the rainy season, we see the beautiful famous red river, which comes from the red mountain and red valleys.

Also, along the route, we see many native llamas and alpaca animals with their babies.

How Hard Is This Palccoyo Mountain?

                                         Palccoyo rainbow mountain 

The hike is easier than the other Vinicunca rainbow mountain, most of the distance is covered by car, but is worth riding since we go through the nice red valley, and see some unique mud-brick villages, where live local people, with herding plenty of llamas and alpaca animals, and we get the chance to get some photos.

Also, during the rainy season, we see the red river, running through the bottom of the Andes mountains, and we stop to appreciate this magic red color river.

The type of road is gentle uphill, through a dirt path for 40 minutes with outstanding views, afterward, the way back is another 40 minutes with a gentle downhill path, then back Cusco city for 3 hours and a half.

The most important thing is bringing some oxygen tank, in case we can need it since the altitude sickness can affect some travelers, mainly the tour companies are providing the  first aid kit and included everything for this day hike

Bring For Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Peru

You need to pack the following things for this day short hike:

  • Have some good hiking shoes and extra sneaker shoes, in case your shoes can get wet if it is the rainy season
  • Bring a pair of socks, 2 trousers if it is the rainy season with warm clothing, a rain jacket with a rain poncho and good gloves
  • Also, bring sunscreen, a sunhat
  • Some drinking water and snacks
  • Have some cash money in soles, if you will feel like buying some handmade gifts.

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